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NXS #3 Viral Bodies investigates the changing concepts of gender and identity norms in the digital space, and opens the discussion to many possible speculations and their real world implications. 


Contributions by:


Dario Alva (ES)

Josefin Arnell (SE)

Jonathan Castro (PE)

Lois Cohen (NL)

Jesse Darling (UK)

Alan Dean Foster (US)

Vita Evangelista (BR)

Gaika (UK)

Jahmal B Golden (US)

Sophie Hardeman (NL)

Manique Hendricks (NL)

Gui Machiavelli (BR)

Mary Maggic (US)

Reba Maybury (UK)

Lil Miquela (US)

Simone C. Niquille (CH)

Norman Orro (EE)

Clara Pacotte (FR)

Pinar & Viola (NL & FR)

Penny Rafferty (UK)

Indiana Roma Voss (NL)

Addie Wagenknecht (US)

Melek Zertal (DZ)

Viral Bodies - NXS #3 (Spring 2018)

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